The Worst Below Deck Crews

The Worst Below Deck Crews
The Worst Below Deck Crews

The Scuttlebutt Spills: The Worst Below Deck Crews Ever to Set Sail

Ah, Below Deck. Where yachting dreams collide with explosive personalities, questionable hygiene, and enough drama to fill a bazillion martini glasses. While the franchise has blessed us with iconic crew members and unforgettable moments, let’s not forget the flip side: the crews that left a trail of chaos and cringe in their wake. Buckle up, mateys, as we dive into the murky depths of the worst Below Deck crews ever to set sail.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6: Lexi Wilson’s Reign of Terror

Lexi Wilson wasn’t just “difficult,” she was a hurricane of drunken aggression and entitlement. From screaming obscenities at her superiors to physically assaulting Lloyd Clark, her behavior reached new levels of unacceptable. Her constant need for drama, coupled with her inability to take responsibility, made her a toxic presence that poisoned the entire season. Even her eventual firing couldn’t fully erase the stench of her awfulness.

Below Deck Season 7: The Galley of Broken Dreams

This season’s culinary chaos was orchestrated by Chef Kevin Dobson, a walking disaster zone in a toque blanche. His complete lack of skill, hygiene, and professionalism turned every meal into a potential health hazard. From serving raw chicken to forgetting basic ingredients, Kevin single-handedly plunged the galley into a nightmare. And let’s not forget his temper tantrums, which made Gordon Ramsay look like a zen master.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5: The Grandeur of Grandeur

This season’s second stew, Lara Flumiani, possessed an attitude as inflated as the egos of the charter guests. Her arrogance, laziness, and inability to take direction made her a constant thorn in Hannah Berner’s side. Her most memorable feat? Quitting in a dramatic huff in the middle of the night, only to return the next day like nothing happened. The audacity!

Below Deck Season 5: The Charter Guest From Hell (and the Crew Who Suffered)

While the guests often contribute to the drama, Jennifer Howell took it to a whole new level. Her constant negativity, coupled with her bizarre obsession with Peter Hunziker, created a toxic atmosphere onboard. The rest of the crew, particularly Jessica More, bore the brunt of her tantrums and manipulative behavior. This season was a masterclass in emotional hostage-taking.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2: Daisy’s Descent and Parsifal’s Predicament

Daisy Kelliher, usually a fan favorite, took a nosedive this season. Her excessive partying and unprofessional behavior, including drunken meltdowns and forgetting basic tasks, tarnished her reputation. Meanwhile, deckhand Parsifal Filitoga struggled with substance abuse issues, creating an unsettling tension onboard. The combination of Daisy’s recklessness and Parsifal’s struggles made this season a cautionary tale rather than a glamorous escape.

Honorable Mentions: The list of questionable crews doesn’t end there. Remember?

Below Deck Season 3: Kat, the queen of passive-aggressive shade, and Jen, the master of manipulation.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 3: Chef Ben’s toxic masculinity and Anastasia’s constant tears.

Below Deck Season 8: Eddie’s hygiene issues and Elizabeth’s questionable work ethic.

These are just a few of the crews that have left us shaking our heads and reaching for the nearest bottle of bleach. While they may provide plenty of drama, let’s be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, what’s a good Below Deck season without a healthy dose of chaos? Just remember, next time you’re setting sail on the high seas, choose your crewmates wisely!

Remember, this is just a bit of fun and speculation. Everyone deserves a second chance, and even the worst crews can have their redeeming moments. So let’s raise a glass to all the yachties, the good, the bad, and the downright outrageous, because they keep the drama flowing and the champagne fizzing.

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