Robyn Might Divorce Kody If He Remains Monogamous

Robyn Might Divorce Kody If He Remains Monogamous

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives fame might divorce her husband Kody if he stays monogamous, according to a new report from Reality Tea. The Browns, who have been open about their polygamous lifestyle on the TLC show for years, have been facing challenges in their relationships lately.

Kody recently hinted that he might be open to monogamy, which has reportedly left Robyn feeling unsure about their future. A source close to the couple told Reality Tea that “Robyn has always been the one wife who was most on board with polygamy. But if Kody is no longer interested in that lifestyle, then she’s not sure if she can see herself staying married to him.”

There are a few reasons why Robyn might be hesitant to embrace monogamy. First, she has always been vocal about her belief in polygamy as a religious principle. Second, she has three children from her previous marriage whom Kody adopted in order for them to legally marry. If they were to divorce, Robyn would likely lose custody of her children.

Third, Robyn has a close relationship with her sister wives, Janelle and Meri. Even though their relationships with Kody have been strained in recent years, Robyn still values her relationships with the other women. If she were to divorce Kody, she would likely have to give up those relationships as well.

It is also possible that Robyn is using the threat of divorce as a way to manipulate Kody. She has been accused of being manipulative in the past, and it is possible that she is trying to pressure Kody into staying in a polygamous relationship.

Only time will tell what Robyn’s true intentions are. However, it is clear that the Browns are at a crossroads in their relationship. If Robyn does decide to divorce Kody, it would be a major blow to the family and would likely be the end of their time on Sister Wives.

In addition to the potential for divorce, the Browns are also facing financial difficulties. They recently put their property in Flagstaff, Arizona, on the market for $899,000. The move comes after they were forced to sell their Coyote Pass land in 2021.

The Browns’ financial problems are likely due to a number of factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused a decline in reality TV ratings. It is also possible that the Browns’ decision to move to Flagstaff has contributed to their financial woes. Flagstaff is a much more expensive city than St. George, Utah, where the Browns lived before.

The Browns’ financial problems could add another layer of stress to their already strained relationships. It is possible that the financial pressure could lead to more conflict between Kody and his wives.

Overall, the Browns are facing a number of challenges. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to overcome these challenges and stay together as a family.

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