RHOBH Season 13 Episode 10 Preview: Sutton Stracke Gets Feedback From Her Date

RHOBH Season 13 Episode 10 Preview: Sutton Stracke Gets Feedback From Her Date
RHOBH Season 13 Episode 10 Preview: Sutton Stracke Gets Feedback From Her Date

Brace yourselves, Bravoholics, because the drama in Beverly Hills is about to hit a new high in Episode 10!** The latest preview promises a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with Sutton Stracke’s awkward date taking center stage. Remember her matchmaker-orchestrated blind date with Sal, the guy who couldn’t stop talking about his mother? Well, buckle up, because the cringe-fest is about to be dissected.

The Post-Date Debriet

The preview opens with Sutton sitting with her matchmaker, dissecting the date’s wreckage. We see clips of Sal gushing about his “captivating” experience, while Sutton counters with a grimace and a dry “Well, I didn’t see the funny side of Sal.” The matchmaker reads Sal’s feedback, highlighting his lack of laughter during the date. Apparently, Sutton’s comedic repertoire didn’t impress him. This sparks a hilarious exchange between Sutton and her matchmaker, with Sutton declaring, “I’m not a comedian! I’m a Southern belle!”

Will there be a second date? That’s the million-dollar question. Sutton seems skeptical, but the preview also throws in a curveball: a glimpse of her on another date with a mystery man. Who is this new beau? Is he a charming prince or another potential disaster? The suspense is killing us!

Meanwhile, in the land of diamonds and drama

Erika Jayne is back in attack mode! Lent may be over, but Erika’s gloves are off. The preview shows her unleashing on Denise Richards, reigniting the feud that simmered during Kyle’s weed dinner. Denise looks stunned and speechless, leaving us wondering what Erika throws at her this time.

The ladies get physical (again) A snippet shows Dorit Kemsley and Lisa Rinna engaged in a heated argument that escalates into a shoving match. Are we witnessing the birth of a new Beverly Hills brawl?

Crystal Kung Minkoff navigates family drama. We see Crystal struggling with her mother’s disapproval of her parenting choices. This emotional storyline promises to add a layer of depth to the season’s already explosive mix.

Episode 10 of RHOBH promises to be a jaw-dropping hour of Beverly Hills chaos. From Sutton’s awkward dates to Erika’s renewed wrath, there’s something for every fan to savor (or cringe at). So, grab your diamonds and your popcorn, because the drama is about to reach a boiling point!**

Here are some additional thoughts and questions to consider:

Do you think Sutton will give Sal a second chance?

What’s the real reason behind Erika’s renewed aggression towards Denise?

Will Dorit and Lisa’s argument escalate into a full-blown fight?

What other surprises does Episode 10 have in store?

Feel free to share your own predictions and theories in the comments below! Let’s keep the conversation about RHOBH alive

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