Keiser University ranking

Keiser University ranking
Keiser University ranking

Keiser University’s rankings can vary depending on the ranking source and the specific category being evaluated. Here’s a breakdown of some key rankings to consider:

U.S. News & World Report

National Universities: #249 (tie) out of 439 [U.S. News Keiser University Rankings] (This is the most general category for universities offering a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.)

Social Mobility: #21 (tie) out of all universities [U.S. News Keiser University Rankings] (This is a strong ranking, indicating Keiser’s success in graduating economically disadvantaged students.)

Nursing: #643 (tie) out of all nursing programs [U.S. News Keiser University Rankings]

Other Rankings ranks Keiser University:

6th best private college in Florida [Consider the source for niche rankings]

9th best online college in the US

3rd best online college in Florida

6th best for student life in Florida ([Hotcourses Keiser University Rankings])

What these rankings mean

The national university ranking of #249 indicates that Keiser is a mid-tier university compared to other comprehensive universities in the U.S. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad school, but it helps set expectations.

The #1 ranking in Social Mobility is a significant achievement. It highlights Keiser’s effectiveness in helping students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds succeed.

The Nursing program ranking is lower, so if you’re specifically interested in nursing, you might want to research other programs for comparison.

Additional factors to consider

Beyond these rankings, here are some other factors to consider when evaluating Keiser University:

Your academic interests: Does Keiser offer the specific program you’re interested in?

Location: Are you interested in a traditional on-campus experience or a more online-focused program? Keiser has a mix of campuses and online offerings.

Cost and financial aid: Tuition and fees can be a significant factor. Consider scholarships and financial aid options available at Keiser.

Career outcomes: How well do Keiser graduates fare in the job market? Research job placement rates and career services offered by the university.

Overall, Keiser University has some strong points, particularly in social mobility. However, the overall national university ranking is mid-tier and the nursing program ranking is lower. Carefully consider your priorities and research other schools before making a decision.

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