Here’s How Old Invincible’s Main Characters Are (Anissa, Conquest & More Ages Explained)

Here's How Old Invincible’s Main Characters Are (Anissa, Conquest & More Ages Explained)

While “Invincible” throws punches with its thrilling superhero action, the characters’ ages add another layer of intrigue. Here’s a breakdown of the ages of some key characters:

Mark Grayson (Invincible): A teenager on the cusp of adulthood, Mark’s age is explicitly stated as 17 in the first season.

Omni-Man: Mark’s father and a Viltrumite warrior. Viltrumites age exceptionally slow, so Omni-Man is likely thousands of years old. The exact number isn’t revealed, but his extensive experience hints at a long and storied past.

Immortal: Another Viltrumite warrior, Immortal is a formidable opponent. Like Omni-Man, his exact age is unknown, but we can safely assume he’s in the thousands.

Allen the Alien: An extraterrestrial bounty hunter with a sardonic wit. Allen’s age is a mystery, but his species’ lifespan is never mentioned. He could be anywhere from young to incredibly old.

Deborah Grayson: Mark’s mom, Deborah’s age isn’t directly mentioned. However, considering she’s married to Omni-Man and has raised a teenager, she’s likely in her late 30s or early 40s.

Eve Wilkins: Mark’s love interest and classmate, Eve’s age is confirmed to be 17 in the first season.

Now, let’s delve into some characters whose ages are a bit more cryptic:

  • Anissa: Another Viltrumite warrior, Anissa is likely thousands of years old. Viltrumites boast extended lifespans, and Anissa displays the experience expected of someone who’s been around for millennia.
  • Conquest: A powerful Viltrumite leader, Conquest’s age falls into the same category as the other Viltrumites – most likely in the thousands.
  • The Mauler Twins: These ruthless Viltrumite twins share the same extended lifespan as their brethren, placing them in the thousands of years old range.

Remember, these are estimates for characters whose ages haven’t been explicitly revealed.

In conclusion, “Invincible” presents a unique cast with ages that span millennia for some and adolescence for others. This blend of youthful idealism and seasoned experience creates a dynamic narrative that keeps viewers engaged.

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